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Mother and Baby


Meet Sally

Registered Physiotherapist and mom of two

I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Master of Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Kinesiology. My interest in pelvic health was sparked while I was in the physical therapy program and soon ignited into a passion. 

I immigrated from China with my family at the age of 5 and grew up in the lower mainland. My early childhood years consisted mostly of struggles with weight and minimal interests in movement. In middle school, I recognized that I no longer enjoyed the way I felt or the way I looked. This started my life-long experiments with exercise. It is here that my love for human movement began. From that point forward, my passion for movement has led me to the physiotherapy profession. I now have the privilege of helping people on their own unique journeys.  

Speaking of journeys, motherhood nurtured my passion for pregnancy and postpartum care. My own pregnancy has shown me the significant gap our society currently has in maternal care. It was a wild goose chase to find accurate and evidence-informed knowledge. I found that practitioners either completely turned away pregnant clientele or fully embraced it; there was no middle ground. In my ideal world, a pelvic floor physiotherapist would be a part of every woman's primary care team. There should be guidance and follow up care when it comes to the tremendous life changes of becoming a mother. I believe life should encompass comfortable movement: without nagging symptoms of pain, leakage, or discomfort. My philosophy involves an integrated approach that includes manual therapy, exercise, and education. This is to enable women everywhere to make informed decisions concerning their bodies and comfortable movements. I am blessed to love what I do and I hope to help you in your journey through motherhood!


Movement Hobbies: Volleyball, running, walking, weightlifting, and yoga.

Languages: Fluent in English and basic Mandarin. 



Acupuncture Canada: Functional Dry Needling 2


Acupuncture Canada: Functional Dry Needling 1 

The ROST Therapy Approach: Understanding and Treating Pelvic Girdle Pain


Clinical Mat Pilates

Persistent Pain 

Maternity leave with baby #2


Pelvic Health Solutions: Level 1

Fitness in pregnancy and postpartum 


Maternity leave with baby #1


Master of Physical Therapy 

Orthopaedic Level 1 


Bachelor of Kinesiology 


Student Athletic Trainer for UBC Women's Volleyball Team 

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