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What to Expect

What should I expect at my first pelvic floor physiotherapy visit?
At your first visit, we will gather a detailed medical history and discuss the reason for your visit. Your story is important. In order for us to be most informed about you, we may ask questions including but not limited to your past medical history, surgical history, medications, obstetric history, pelvic health, and treatment goals. This will help us understand how to provide the best care for you. We understand and recognize that this is not easy. We will do our best to make you feel comfortable during your visit, as well as keeping you informed. After our discussion, we will do a physical assessment, which may include an internal pelvic exam (vaginal and/or rectal). All of this information will help in designing an individualized treatment plan best suited for you to work towards achieving your goals.


Cancellation Policy


What is the cancellation policy?
Each appointment is time specifically held for you. We have a 48 hour cancellation or missed appointment policy. If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, we require 48 hours notice in order to avoid a fee.


General FAQs 


Do I need a doctor’s referral?
No,  doctor's referral is not required for physiotherapy services as physiotherapists are primary health care providers. However, some insurance plans require a doctor's note in order to submit your receipts for coverage.


Will my extended health insurance cover my visit?
Most extended health benefits plans cover Physiotherapy. As each individual plan is different, we recommend contacting your insurance provider to find out how much care you are covered for per annual year.


Do you directly bill to my health insurance provider?
We currently are able to directly bill to Pacific Blue Cross and Manulife. We do provide all of our patients with a detailed invoice to help facilitate submission to your insurance when direct billing is unavailable or is not the preferred option.


How are receipts provided?
Receipts will be emailed to you once payment is received.


What types of payments do you accept?
We are only accepting contactless payments at this time. These include e-transfers (preferred) and/or the credit card on file. 


Do you take WorkSafe BC or ICBC claims?
At this time, we are unable to accept Worksafe BC or ICBC claims.

Dry Needling/IMS

Does it hurt? 

Most people describe DN/IMS as unpleasant but not painful. The treatment itself does not last very long, with the needles sometimes inserted for only a few seconds each. However, because the intent is to stimulate the muscle into relaxation, there is often discomfort before the rush of pain relief. After receiving an DN/IMS treatment from your physiotherapist, you may experience some soreness in the area, but it is usually mild and goes away within 24 hours, leaving you with less pain and more function.


Is it safe to perform DN/IMS on pregnant people? 

Currently, DN/IMS is not a recommended course of treatment if you are pregnant, have had a recent surgery or local infection. If you have further questions or would like additional information please speak to your individual therapist. 

Is DN/IMS covered by extended health plans? Will I have to pay extra for these services? 

Currently, DN/IMS are covered by extended health as part of your physiotherapy treatment plan. Our fees are inclusive, so there is no additional charge for needling during your appointment. 

Dry Needling FAQs
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